• Doug Heacox, PE Teacher

“Last Chosen” by Mr. H

Date: January 23, 2018 Author: dheacox Categories: Blog

Last Chosen


It’s time to choose teams to start a new game,

   The stars are the captains, it’s always the same.

First comes the athletes or maybe a friend,

   I’m sure I’ll be standing here, left till the end.

Why won’t they pick me? I’ll give all I’ve got,

   I’ll never touch the ball or even get a shot.

If only some talent to go with my try,

   I know it won’t happen and that’s why I cry.

No one ever seems to really understand,

   I hear things like “Chin up” and “Just be a man”.

In dreams I stand proudly, victoriously posin’,

   In reality it hurts me to be the “Last Chosen”.